CNC Plasma Cutters
Custom tables on request

Classic Series : Complete Table & Accessories

R135 000,00

Table cutting Size:
900 x 600mm
R145 000,00

Table cutting size:
1225mm x 1225mm
R159 000.00

Table cutting size:
1225mm x 2460mm
R174 000,00

Table cutting size:
1500mm x 3000mm

  • Prices valid until end of February 2017 subject to change without notice.
  • Hypertherm PowerMax45: Important! Price for Hypertherm subject to exchange rate.
  • Prices as is, no VAT charges
  • Price for complete Table & Accessories - as described below
  • Click here for a Gantry Starting Kit only with no accessories.

Included in the Price

☑ The Table

  • Strong Table construction made from mild steel and powder coated.
  • All other sections are zink plated.
  • Parts are laser cut, bend and made in Port Elizabeth.
  • Complete assembly by bolts and nuts no welding
  • Rack and pinion X and Y movement at +_0.05mm increments .
  • Ball screw 16mm shaft Z axis with movement from 0 to 70mm
  • XYZ steppers motors NEMA23 torque 250
  • X&Y max rapid speed of 7000mm/minute.
  • Stepper motor driver include for XYZ
  • Breakout board for parallel printer port with cable.
  • Switch mode power supply 36V 11amp
  • Motor cables and limit switches included.

☑ Computer

  • Computer with 19inch LCD Screen
  • 2x printer ports
  • Wireless mouse & keyboard
  • Metal shield enclosure and movable stand with external START, PAUSE, STOP and Estop

☑ Licensed Software

  • Windows 7 32bit
  • Mach3 CNC software
  • Sheetcam CAM software

☑ For Plasma Cutting

  • Plasma cutter: Hypertherm PowerMax45 - Important! Price for Hypertherm subject to exchange rate
  • Torch Height Controller for Mach3
  • Slates for plasma cutting
  • Floating torch head with Magnetic break-away

Optional Extras

☒ Not included in the price

  • Compressor for Plasma cutting, 200Lt, 150Psi
  • Water table pan with no pump
    Price depends on size of table

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